Courses Taken at Purdue

 Fall 2002

EE627 Introduction to Cryptography and Secure Communication

Spring 2002

MA575 Introduction to Graph Theory
CS636/EE695C Internetworking

Fall 2001

MA511 Linear Algebra and Applications

Spring 2001

Operating Systems
MA532 Stochastic Processes

Fall 2000

EE606 Solid State Devices
EE573 Compiler and Translator Writing Systems
EE547 Intro to Computer Communication Networks

Spring 2000

EE695K Advanced VLSI Design
EE666 Advanced Computer Systems
EE600 Random Variables and Signals

Fall 1999

EE565 Computer Architecture
EE608 Computer Models and Methods
EE694 Graduate Seminar

Spring 1999

EE559 MOS VLSI Design
EE477 Digital Systems Senior Project
POL440 Politics of the European Union
POL223 Intro. to Environmental Policy

Fall 1998

EE369 Discrete Math for Computer Engineers
EE440 Transmission of Information
EE467 Advanced Digital Systems Lab
EE400 Electrical Enginnering Undergrad Seminar
POL237 Modern Weapons and International Relations

Spring 1998

EE302 Probabilistic Methods
EE311 Electric & Magnetic Fields
EE357 VLSI Chip Design Lab
EE365 Digital Computer Design
ME200 Thermodynamics
HIST334 History of Science and Technology

Fall 1997

EE301 Signals and Systems
EE362 Microprocessor Systems and Interfacing
EE305 Semiconductor Devices
EE255 Electronic Analysis and Design
EE208 Electronic Design and Devices Lab
POL231 Intro to US Foreign Policy

Spring 1997

EE202 Linear Circuit Analysis II
EE266 Digital Logic
EE 267 Digital Logic Lab
ENGR115 Honors Freshman Programming
MA265 Linear Algebra
MA266 Differential Equations

Fall 1996

EE201C Linear Circuit Analysis I
EE207 Electronic Measurment Lab
PHYS261 Physics-- Electricity and Optics
MA261 Multivariate Calculus
ENGR116 Honors Freshman Computer Tools
ENGR100H Honors Freshman Engineering Lectures
EE200 Electrical Engineering Seminar

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